Monday, March 5, 2012

"Interview with the Vampire" -Anne Rice

Rice, Anne. (1995). Interview with the Vampire. Random House.

In the year 1791, Louis becomes a vampire. Unfortunately, Louis’ maker, Lestat, is the complete opposite of Louis and the epitome of everything he despises. Their dislike of one another intensifies until Lestat decides to make another vampire child, Claudia, who is literally quite young when she is ‘changed’. Louis is momentarily mollified through his growing love for Claudia, who begins to become frustrated with her permanent child-like state. An intense battle between Claudia, Lestat and Louis leads to Louis and Claudia escaping to Europe to seek more vampires like themselves, filled with dangerous experiences that prove fatal for a number of those involved.

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  • dark tone
  • flawed character 
  • rich detail

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