Monday, March 5, 2012

"Contest" -Matthew Reilly

Reilly, Matthew. (2003). Contest. Thomas Dunne Books.

Stephen Swain is about to encounter six extra-terrestrials with the same goal: to end his life. Swain is teleported into the New York Public Library for the Seventh Presidian, a contest in which intelligent life from a variety of planets fight to the death. With no prior knowledge of even the existence of extra-terrestrials, Swain is a bit behind and is brought up to speed through the knowledge of his guide, Selexin, whose survival depends on Swain’s ability to outsmart and kill his rivals. Not only must Swain battle these other worldly creatures, many of whom have special powers, he must also protect his young daughter Holly, who was accidentally teleported with him. Danger escalates when men from the NSA attempt to enter the library and encounter these beings, without proper knowledge what is occurring. Incredibly fast-paced and well developed, Matthew Reilly’s Contest will have readers on the edge of their seats until the last page. 

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