Thursday, April 12, 2012

"The Choir Director" - Carl Weber

Weber, Carl. (2011). The Choir Director. Kensington. 

First Jamaica Ministries is no stranger to scandal; the mega church congregation is still trying to survive the news that its beloved choir director had been involved in many gay affairs with congregants over the past few years. Unfortunately, things are only going to get worse. On the brink of financial ruin after the choir director scandal, Bishop T.K. Wilson brings in a new music leader, Aaron Mackie, hoping to revive the congregation and escape bankruptcy. With his delicious physique and playboy attitude, Mackie brings a whole new set of problems. The story races with passionate moments, revenge and deceit around every corner. Readers quickly realize that it may not be possible for First Jamaica Ministries to continue, especially since everyone has something to hide.

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  • flawed characters
  • fast pacing
  • passionate, dark mood

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