Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Denial" -Stuart Kaminsky

Kaminsky, Stuart M. (2005). Denial. Forge.

Lew Fonesca is an unlikely detective. Hoping to escape his wife’s hit and run death, Lew hides out in an office (used as an apartment), drowning his sorrows in old movies and Dairy Queen. Though his primary occupation is a process server, word has gotten around town that Lew is very adept at finding people. With his sidekick/bodyguard Ames at his side, Mr. Fonesca takes on two deadly cases; one involving the hit and run of a high school boy, the other a murder at a retirement home—absent a body. In an effort to solve these mysteries, both men encounter deception and hatred, as well as one person’s unrelenting desire to protect. The fourth in a six book series, Denial is sure to capture the attention of seasoned Kaminsky veterans, as well as those jumping head first into the series. 

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